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The Acropolis, which sits high above the city of Athens, served as a citadel and houses numerous buildings, the most popular of which is the Parthenon. seen lit up here

Aegius (Louis Schwartz) and Medea (Elena Morey) make an oath with one another, providing Medea with a place to live out her life in exile in the College of Wooster 2017 production.

Detail of a sarcophagus relief with Muses and theatrical masks, from the Via Appia in Rome, around 200 A.D. Altes Museum, Berlin

Vienna State Opera House.jpg
This is a photograph of the Vienna State Opera House. Sophie Treadwell visited Vienna in her later years, where the Opera House is one of the city's many iconic symbols.

Front page of the San Francisco Bulletin 2 January 1912, reporting on the first "Cross City Race", since renamed Bay to Breakers

This image shows Ben Jonson, an English actor, playwright, and poet from the 16th and 17th centuries. His plays have been preserved throughout time thanks to his self-publication of his complete works.

A photograph depicting a marble bust of the Greek playwright Euripides (480-406 BCE); it is believed to be a Roman carving from a Greek original dated to 330 BCE. Responsible for writing the version of Medea used in the College of Wooster's 2017…

Black and white portrait of actor Louis Wolheim and actress Carlotta Monterey O'Neill in a Plymouth Theater production of Eugene O'Neill's The Hairy Ape. Monterey later became O'Neill's wife.

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The main theme, which is an oval form intersected by an irregular rectangle, is perceived like the center surrounded by the vortex of colors and forms. By means of records and some works examination art historians defined that the Composition VII is…

A drawing of the setting by Robert Edmond Jones (1887–1954) for the courtroom in the original Broadway production of Sophie Treadwell's Machinal
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