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A band playing in a dark-lit room with blue light and smoke

Phedre Images 2.jpg
France, 1841
Series: Physionomies tragico-classiques

Ruth Snyder sits in the electric chair on the day of her execution. This photo was taken by a secret camera strapped to photographer Tom Howard's ankle.

Black and white portrait of actor Louis Wolheim and actress Carlotta Monterey O'Neill in a Plymouth Theater production of Eugene O'Neill's The Hairy Ape. Monterey later became O'Neill's wife.

Photo of Pathway Surrounded By Fir Trees

almeida machinal 1.jpg
Young Woman (Emily Berrington) in the office in the Almeida Theatre production of Machinal.

almeida machinal 2.jpg
Young Woman (Emily Berrington) moves through a crowded room in the Almeida Theatre's production of Machinal.

A still photo of a scene in the Almeida Theatre's production of Machinal, showing Jones (John Livingstone) and Young Woman (Emily Berrington).

almeida machinal 4.jpg
Young Woman (Emily Berrington) in the hospital during the Almeida Theatre's production of Machinal.

Done by English painter John William Waterhouse in 1907, this painting depicts the first time Medea meets Jason and the potion she prepares to aid Jason in the challenge her father has set for him.
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