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hands covered in blood

The headstone marking the grave of Ruth Brown Snyder in the Woodlawn Cemetery in New York, New York.

Sophie Treadwell.JPG
One of the few portraits taken of Sophie Treadwell, author and playwright, in 1925.

This illustration by Aubrey Beardsley reflects the theme of greed found in Volpone.

Actor Thomas Hall plays Voltore in a production of Volpone at Drury Lane.

Vienna State Opera House.jpg
This is a photograph of the Vienna State Opera House. Sophie Treadwell visited Vienna in her later years, where the Opera House is one of the city's many iconic symbols.

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 7.36.49 PM.pdf
In Sonnenblumen und weisse Dahlien Nolde paints a similarly joyous scene of fresh sunflowers blooming with white dahlias.

Painted by English painter Frederick Sandys between 1866 and 1868, Medea is pictured preparing the poisoned chest to give to the Princess of Corinth.

King piece standing ,behind all fallen pieces

A painting of Emma Hamilton as Medea. Painted by English portrait painter George Romney in 1786, it depicts Emma Hamilton–Romney's muse and mistress of Lord Horatio Nelson–as Medea.
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