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Applying Classical Theatre to a Modern Stage


How do the interactions between the original audience and the original performance space inform the choices made in staging a modern production of Euripides Medea? Looking at both the physical and abstract defintions of audience and space, this exhibit explores how these elements interact and how the context they provided was applied to the College of Wooster Department of Theatre and Dance‚Äôs production of Medea in the fall of 2017.

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Sophie Treadwell's Machinal


This exhibit, created by the Introduction to Theatre Research and Writing Course at the College of Wooster during the spring of 2019, examines Machinal: the landmark expressionist play by Sophie Treadwell. The pages of this exhibit examine the origins of the broader expressionist movement, Treadwell's life, the history of the play, and the muder trial that inspired Machinal.

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