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This collection is the repository for items related to projects, created by the Intro to Theatre Research and Writing class at the College of Wooster in Spring 2019, on Sophie Treadwell's Machinal.

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Execution of Ruth Snyder in the Electric Chair
Ruth Snyder sits in the electric chair on the day of her execution. This photo was taken by a secret camera strapped to photographer Tom Howard's ankle.

Carlotta Monterey O'Neill The Hairy Ape1922
Black and white portrait of actor Louis Wolheim and actress Carlotta Monterey O'Neill in a Plymouth Theater production of Eugene O'Neill's The Hairy Ape. Monterey later became O'Neill's wife.

Ruth Snyder Mugshot
A photo of Ruth Snyder after her final haircut in preparation for her execution by electrocution for the murder of her husband Albert Snyder.

Portrait (Dulcinea), 1911
This work is an erotic examination of time and movement, a portrait of a mysterious woman that Duchamp noticed on the street and imagined in various states of undress.

Young Woman and A Man
Promotional photograph for the play Machinal, featuring Zita Johann and Clark Gable in the original 1928 production at the Plymouth Theater (New York).

Sophie Treadwell U.S. Auto Tour, ca. 1917
Sophie Treadwell in an auto tour around the U.S.

Young Woman Being Prepared for Execution
Young Woman (Ellyn Thorson), is having her hair cut to prepare her for execution

Ruth Brown Snyder's Gravestone in the Woodlawn Cemetery
The headstone marking the grave of Ruth Brown Snyder in the Woodlawn Cemetery in New York, New York.

The Court where the Trial of Ruth Snyder took place
A recent picture of the Long Island City Courthouse, where the trial of Ruth Snyder took place.

Portrait of Sophie Treadwell
One of the few portraits taken of Sophie Treadwell, author and playwright, in 1925.
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